Artist Statement

My art often inspires feelings of disorientation, sensitization and reimagination as a part of the transformative process. I often introduce subtle fantastical gestures to create a sense of irony, humor and hope that will help viewers endure the commitments that social change requires.

My work is multidisciplinary and multilingual. It includes texts, photographs, collage, sculpture, video and web documentary art in judeo semitic, slavic and romantic languages. I utilize analog and digital techniques combining them in order to express the transitional technological space that I inhabit as one of the last analog generations in the United States.

Over the past decade, I’ve been particularly interested in how we reimagine our possible worlds. I’ve focused on how we create and utilize dream identities in a context ripe with wicked problems, problems that are highly complex, resistant to change and require multi-generational engagement. This work includes eight years of fieldwork and social practice in Israel and Palestine.