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I’m Alison, and this is the web space that features my writing and artistic works. If you’re looking for information about my communications consulting, please visit me at Social Change Studios.

Something more official:

Since 2015, Alison Ramer has been committed to her art and design practice at Social Change Studios. Previously, she curated, produced and designed communications, arts and advocacy programs for organizations in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Her clients have included Oxfam, World Vision and Grassroots Jerusalem among others.

Much of her personal work in the past decade has been focused on post-national Jewish identity. This includes her graphic novel (in progress) “Alis in Blunderland,” a coming of age story about a girl who goes to find the trees that her family planted in Israel and discovers a magic key that transports her to the time of the Nakba, or the Palestinian catastrophe. 

Her studio practice is multilingual, interdisciplinary and often participatory or collaborative. She utilizes historical materials, digital and traditional illustration and editing tools in order to create new imaginaries.

In the past, she exhibited work with her colleagues at Dar Al Kalima College of Arts in Bethlehem (2013), the Palestinian Academy of Art in Ramallah (2012) and the Berlin Bienalle (2012).

She occasionally guest lectures at the University of Washington, and has also spoken at Boston University, Tufts University, MIT  among others. She has been profiled in several publications including Al Quds, The Boston Globe and Utne Reader.

She hold a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College in Politics and Jewish Studies.

Selected Press About Alison Ramer 

The Stranger, “Can Performance Art Fight Climate Change?” (2016).

Express Tribune, International New York Times. “Rallying the Refusniks” (2012)

This Week in Palestine. “Exhibition of the Month – Image and Identity – I am Silwan” (2012)

Maan News. “Image and Identity – Al Walajeh Behind the Lens” (2012)

Palestine Monitor – ‘”I am Nabi Saleh” – photo exhibition shows there is more to village than weekly protests.” (2011)

Women’s Views on News – “The price of our silence on Palestine” (2011)

Al Quds Newspaper (Arabic) – “American Activist Alison Ramer “Our religious and political duties lead us to solidarity with the Palestinians’” (2010)

The Foundation Center – “In Our Own Words: Perception of Greater Boston’s Civic Culture, and Suggestions for How to Improve It” (2005)

The Boston Globe – “Cambridge student puts moderate face on protesters plans” (2004)


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