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Image and Identity Photography Project & Exhibition

The “I am Al Walajeh” a part of the “Image and Identity” Arts Advocacy project I started in 2011, opened Wednesday, July 11th at Dar Kalima College in Bethlehem to over 120 attendees. The project creates opportunities youth how to creatively articulate place, identity and space using photography.

The Al Walajeh’s youth’s images are expressly vacant and removed. They tell a story of a once thriving agricultural community, slowly turned into refugees and pushed from their land. They also tell the story of the challenge of photographing Al Walajeh, whose land is occupied by several settlements, the Apartheid Wall and Israeli soldiers constantly on patrol. Since most Al Walajeh’s population travels outside for work, the children struggled to find people to photograph in their homes and village.

This project was made in partnership with the following organizations and individuals:

“I am Al Walajeh”

  • Producer – Alison Ramer
  • Assistant Producers – Ahmad Shihadeh and E.M.
  • Filmmaker – Hamoudi Shehada
  • Instructor – Ahed Izhiman
  • Photographer – Stephen Jeter
  • Curatorial – Nancy Salsa Taweel